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How to display hidden column left, column right in mobile

February 4, 2015 - By 

By default, in the default theme of OpenCart 2, the column left and column are hidden in mobile.

You can see it in this demo in your mobile: The category menu is lost. It is too confusing for us.

Don’t worry about that. You can follow this guide to display them on mobile:

Step 1: Install our own extension Custom JavaScript

Step 2: Go to admin > System > Settings > Edit store > tab Custom JavaScript and add code below:

 Step 3: Check on your mobile again. The problem will go away.

Hope that the developer of OpenCart will fix it in the next version.


How to fix review problem in OpenCart 2

February 3, 2015 - By 

Recent days, I have found some people report about the problem in OpenCart 2. When user write a review in product page, but it does not show successful message.

This is the bug of OpenCart 2.


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