Explore Extension Installer & Modification System of OpenCart 2

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OpenCart 2 was released with many new awesome features. Now it is the time for us to investigate inportant features of OpenCart 2 closer. In this post I will introduce about Extension Installer & Modification System.

1. Extension Installer

In OpenCart 1, when you want to install extension you have to use FTP client or CPANEL to upload files of extension to your site. This is complicated for us, right?

OpenCart 2 added the functionality Extension Installer to help us with this problem. This functionality allow us to upload extension and install it directly.

Extension Installer will accept two types of extension: Single Extension and Package Extension.

Single Extension

Single Extension is a xml file which follows the structure of OCMOD and the name of file has the extension .ocmod.xml.

For example: vie_extra_positions_pro.ocmod.xml

Package Extension

Package Extension is a zipped file and the name of file has the extension .ocmod.zip.

In Package Extension file, it contains installation scripts for extension and files to upload to your site. You will don’t need to upload extension via FTP.

For example: vie_live_theme_editor.ocmod.zip


Let’s take a look at each functionality in Extension Installer.

Go to your OpenCart admin panel > Extensions > Extension Installer


  1. Select extension and OpenCart will install extension automatically.
    NOTE: If you renamed the admin folder for security, this function will renamed admin folder of the extension automatically.
  2. This function help you to delete temporary files of extension manually if the installation has error.
  3. The progress bar shows progress of the installation.
  4. This box shows whic files will be overwritten when install extension
  5. The button confirms that you want to overwrite existing files

2. Modification System

Modification System is another good feature of OpenCart 2. It allows store owners to be able to modify their store without editing the core of OpenCart directly.

Modification System is based upon Qphoria’s VQMOD system. But it was created as a simplified cut down version of VQMOD.

Let take a look at each functionality of Modification System:

Go to your OpenCart admin panel > Extensions > Modifications.


  1. Refresh: Whenever you enable / disable or delete a modification you need to click the refresh button to rebuild your modification cache!
    NOTE: In OpenCart 2.0.1+, this functionality will find extensions from both the modification list and ocmod file in the folder /system.
  2. Clear: This functionality will delete all modification cache files in the folder /system/modification.
  3. Delete: This functionality deletes selected modification extensions.
  4. Link: Go to link of the modification extension
  5. Disable: This functionality disables selected modification extension.

Here is a example video which shows how to install a package extension Live Theme Editor.

In next posts we will investigate more features of OpenCart in detail. In the meantime, feel free to leave us a heads up on questions, comments, and feedback!

  • Common Sense

    Hi, I messed up by installing the extension the wrong way and now unable to access the admin page. Is there any other way to remove that ocmod extension so I can access my admin? Thanks.