Custom CSS & Custom JavaScript in the default theme of OpenCart 2

February 4, 2015 - By 

Sometimes you want to make some changes for the default theme of OpenCart 2. For example you wan to change the blue color of the top menu to red. You have to edit the stylesheet.css file and add code below at the end of the file:

The change is done easily. But note that when you upgrade OpenCart. The change will be lost because the stylesheet file is overridden with new file of new version of OpenCart.

You have to change the new stylesheet.css file again. This task is very timeconsuming.

To solve it, viethemes has just create two extension Custom CSS and Custom JavaScript to add your custom CSS & custom JavaScript easier. You don’t have to edit files directly, so your code changes will not be lost when you upgrade OpenCart 2.

You can download two extension on Custom CSS and Custom JavaScript.

Hope they are useful for your store.

  • aks university

    describe more this is not useful information

  • Sofia Achargui

    It works perfectly! So magic… Thank you!