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Customize style of your theme with Visual Theme Editor completely

September 10, 2017 - By 

Have you wanted to change color of the add to card button or increase font size of heading because it is small, …? But complicated HTML/CSS codes prevent you from customizing style of your theme according to your idea. To solve this problem we have developed extension Visual Theme Editor which will help you customize style including color, background, font, position, animation easily and visually.
Let’s take a look at video below to see what the extension can do

Main features

– Full Theme Cutomization

Visual Theme Editor helps you customize colors, backgrounds, fonts, sizes, positions, animations of any element in your site.

– Animation Editor

This tool allows you to create animation for any element on your site. This will make your customers pay attention. Let’s see video below

– Compatible with all themes

You will not worry about theme compatibility. We guarantee that Visual Theme Editor is compatible with any theme. This is verified by all of our customers.

– Custom CSS Editor

This feature helps you edit generated CSS code from Visual Theme Editor. In addition it also helps you to backup current edited style.

– Customize Styles on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Currently many of your customers use mobile, tablet to buy product so Visual Theme Editor provides tool to customize style of your theme on mobile and tablet easily. Let’s see video below


How to change number of products in one row in the category page

May 26, 2015 - By 

The default theme of OpenCart 2 is great! It looks responsively in all devices.
But there are some parts we can not customize easier. I have seen many questions related to how to change number of products in one row in the category page. You will like the solution below.
Step 1: Install my free extension Custom JavaScript.

Step 2: Add code below to it

It’s all. You can see it in action here:


How to change language from a url link in OpenCart 2

April 23, 2015 - By 

Although the built-in language selection in OpenCart close to perfect, If you need a language switcher extension for any text anywhere on the site, here are simple code to create links that direct users to the store in a specific language.

Firstly, open file in catalog/controller/module/language.php.

And add this code before line 4:

Now you may test your language in URL. If you have English and Spanish on your site and you would use: (for English) or (for Spanish)


How to increase number of categories in autocomplete box

April 7, 2015 - By 
category autocomplete

In this post, we will continue to improve OpenCart 2 with a small trick. Did you encounter a case when you want to select categories for product but the autocomplete box only shows 5 categories like the image below?

We will show you how to increase the number of categories in the autocomplete box. It is a easy step.

You can go to file admin/controller/catalog/category.php, find

and change 5 to number of categories you want to display.

For example,



How to display module on all layouts in OpenCart 2

March 14, 2015 - By 

OpenCart 2 has new layout system. It allows you to display modules in layout easier. But it has a weakness.

If you want to display module, the Category module for example, in all pages, you have to edit each layout and add module to them.

It is time-consuming. To solve it, viethemes has just create a extension All Layouts. It allows to add module in one layout to show in all pages.

You can see the extension in details on All Layout by viethemes.

If you have any question about the extension, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email:


How to change the wish list icon in the default theme of OpenCart 2

February 12, 2015 - By 

The default theme is very beautiful theme. But in some cases, you want to customize it for your need, for example changing the wish list icon.

We have heard many questions about this. So in this post, I will show how to change the wish list icon of the default theme.

It is very simple. You can follow this guides below:

Step 1: Install our extensions Wishlist Icon Changer

Step 2: Go to admin > System > Settings > Edit store > Go to tab Icons Changer > Follow the guide in that section.

Step 3: Go to front-store to check it.

Here is the example result

Hope this post is useful for you. If you want to get more OpenCart tutorials, please follow our Twitter: